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COVID-19 Update

As of April 1, 2020 Ziggy's Tutoring is going fully online via teletutoring! During this time of social distancing, we understand the need to have those questions and processes explained just the same as when we had teachers there for us. We also understand that many of us have had a cut in our income and have a hard time paying the exorbitant fees of many tutoring services going online as we are. Not to worry, Ziggy is here for you! We have many tutors that can handle almost any subject, and now at almost any time of the day! Give us a call to discuss our new services - (619) 252-1522.

You can also click HERE for more information on our Teletutoring process and pricing.

Tutoring for this generation...

     We not only customize tutoring sessions to our clients in terms of scheduling, technique, and peripheral learning; we also use technology and other resources to make the learning process as efficient as possible. Our tutors are trained to use multiple teaching techniques to be able to confront any educational obstacle our students may face. We show them confidence and the brightness of their future.

Independence is our goal...

     One of the most daunting thoughts of any parent is one of sending their child out into the real world. Are they prepared for college - a higher level of learning that can swallow the best of students with academic, social, and personal extremes? We put an emphasis on our students utilizing their multiple resources to find the answers to almost any question they may encounter, whether academic or otherwise. We want them to not need us...we want the confidence of knowing that our future is in good hands.

Flexibility around your world...

     We understand your schedule can be hectic, gas prices are high, and the economy may not be on your side right now. With this in mind we offer extremely reasonable rates, weekend sessions, and cover a wide range in the San Diego metropolitan area. Our rescheduling policy is second to none with the understanding that changes in our lives with children and young adults can happen unexpectedly.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality educational assistance based on communication, independence, and community.


Progress is much less likely to occur when instruction comes from a single source. We make sure everyone involved in the student's education understands each other's process, purpose, and goals.


We help our students gain confidence in the work they produce, as well as in themselves. Navigating this world may be daunting when a map is unfamiliar. Our aim is to release them with the tools necessary for any obstacle.


Finally, when released into the community, we ask our students to reflect their knowledge for our neighbors. "It takes a village" means we pay it forward.

Wisest is he who knows he does not know.

Socrates - Ancient Greek Philosopher

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