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     Most tutoring companies test a prospective student, use an algorithm to figure what lessons to give a student and initially diagnose any problems the program sees. Nowadays, these same companies charge upwards of $130 per hour to give your student any advantage they can and then claim their success rate is in the 90's. They need this income in order to pay their advertising, labor, and site costs. I get it, the numbers work out, and good for them for making a living off the assistance of others.

     When Ziggy started tutoring students in 2009 upon graduation from San Diego State University, he found that most of those that needed the help he wanted to provide were not able to pay even $50 an hour. On top of that, these algorithms don't understand every child out there, especially when there are numerous peripheral issues that don't get factored in. Ziggy takes each student he sees individually, and attacks the problem from a guidance perspective, teaching independence and confidence.

     While his business sense may not be on par with the surrounding market, we truly believe that when the services and results are at the forefront - the business will take care of itself.  


Whether it's where we meet or last-minute cancellations, Ziggy understands that life happens. We try and work with you around your schedule, rescheduling if needed at no cost.


At a retail price of only $49 per hour for individual one-on-one tutoring, this starting point is almost unheard of out there. Discounts are available for those in need, and group rates make the experience even more inviting. Even our other services are unbeatable in comparison with regards to cost and content.

No Minimums

While our goal is to change habits over time, we don't want to keep your student on a leash for their entire educational career. At the same time, we don't believe in requiring a minimum amount of time with us for you to make a decision on whether we are good for you or not. You should have the freedom to come and go as you please, but we warn you...we tend to turn into family.

Free Assessment

You get to meet the tutor, see her/his capabilities, and allow your student to get comfortable...all before spending a dime. Our assessments are designed to inform the clients of our services while allowing the student and tutor to gain an initial rapport without any pressure. Ziggy has found this to be the best way to initiate the tutoring process.