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     Our workshops are mainly for those that don't get these resources from their schools or students that are homeschooled and would like more experience in the areas that will affect them later in life or their educational career.  There are also many subjects that are not on our list that we may still be able to accommodate.  We design our workshops around your needs, so if you want to do a workshop around your schedule, at the park of your choice, learning the subject of your interest...we got you!  Just give us a call to discuss your options: (619) 252-1522.

College-Bound Series

     For those who are looking to apply to colleges or universities after high school.  Workshops in this series include Essay-Writing, College Applications, SAT Prep, and more!  


     Many of the lessons in math need a little more practice than they give in the schools.  This series is designed to give more practice in units like Quadratics, Linear Algebra, and The Unit Circle. 

Dissection Series

     For those future doctors out there we have our dissection series that allows even the younger students to get a hands-on approach to anatomy.  Workshops include the Cow's Eye, Dog Shark, Fetal Pig, and more!

Holiday Series

     Learn what to do with your pumpkin for Halloween, make ornaments for your tree at Christmas, or whatever you want to do for your favorite holiday!  This series is for those that want to learn more about the arts around our holidays.

Field Trips

     Our field trips are always just a couple of hours long, but in that time your student will not only learn about the places around them but also about their own role therein.  Many subjects in each location are touched, leaving your students wanting more on their own.  

Canyons of San Diego

     Everyone knows about Mission Gorge, but have you been in Switzer Canyon or Tecolote Canyon?  There are dozens of canyons in the San Diego area, each having their own treasures to discover.  

College Tours

     Those students that would like to apply to our local colleges and universities would love our trips to SDSU, USD, UCSD, City College, or any of the many San Diego colleges and universities.

Missions around San Diego

     ​4th Grade Standards state the need for our students to learn about the Missions of California.  We can start with Presidio Park in Old Town, or maybe the Mission San Diego de Alcala in Mission Valley.


     Learning to be one with water is important, we think.  How about learning how to surf, or snorkel with the seals off La Jolla?  What about the biological lessons we could learn at Sunset Cliffs?  So much to see and learn!


For both Workshops and Field Trips

1 Student:     $60 each*

2-3 Students:     $40 each*

4-6 Students:     $35 each*

7-10 Students:     $30 each*

11-15 Students:     $25 each*

15-20 Students:     $20 each*

* Price includes instruction only.  Some workshops and field trips require additional costs.

What our clients are saying

Ziggy is very good at explaining things.  He gives really good advice about study habits and gets you ahead by giving you a taste of future things you will be learning.  He also helps by showing you how you will use math in real life.

Elena Brandstein, 8th Grade

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