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Ziggy's Outdoor Adventures

The ultimate educational vacation.

Personal cabin for your party

2-Person Staff (stays off-site)

Choose your dates, activities, and more

Relax, Learn, Have Fun, Repeat

     Imagine:  You drive up to your very own cabin for the long weekend, after a winding but glorious drive up the mountain.  The staff welcomes you as you walk into the residence that has been cleaned, sanitized, and set up to your liking.  You take your time in choosing your room, maybe taking a dip in the pool/hot tub or playing some pool or foosball before your scheduled activities.  When dinner comes along, our staff teaches those who would like to participate how to cook gourmet style.  Enjoy puzzles, games, TV streaming and Wifi, and that's just inside the cabin!  

     Countless activities await outside!  In Big Bear you can ski, sled, or explore around the mountain.  In Idyllwild you can climb to the top of Mt San Jacinto (2 miles high!), jump in Lake Hemet, shoot some arrows with an Olympian, and so much more!  

     Give us a call to discuss your options on your next ultimate vacation!  (619) 252-1522

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