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Our staff is highly-vetted, federally background-checked, fingerprinted, well-trained, and extremely passionate about education.

Here's a little about each of us:

James Zieglerkelly


     Tutoring professionally since 2009, Ziggy has been involved with education for decades.  He has degrees in both Biology and Political Science, traveled the world, and also substitute teaches.  He started his business because he wanted to build something responsibly, from the bottom-up, and challenge the status-quo of educational vendors.  His ultimate goal is to provide FREE assistance to as many students as possible through his new Nonprofit Organization Ziggy's House.

Judge Katz


     Judge has been with Ziggy for a few years now, and has been promoted to manager because his passion for education has proved valuable to Ziggy's tutoring, and to our community!  Great with computers, his talents extend to music and gaming as well.  He graduated from UCSD with his degree in Chemistry at the early age of 19 and lives by the beach!  He can show your student so much about the world around us!  We are sooo lucky to have him!

Isabel Cortes


I like for my students to have fun in my classes. Even if the material is difficult or dull, I try to liven it up by playing games or simply making jokes. Learning can be extremely difficult at times, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring!

Paulina White


     After graduating with my Bachelors in Art from La Sierra University, I looked for a place to share my excitement for art making and to share it with others. Ziggy's Tutoring felt like a great match for me, and I'm happy to begin an art teaching journey here with you. I am currently working on more relief prints and screen-printed stickers to stay active in my personal art practices.

Passion Lowe


Camilla Kaae


Kaitlyn Blagrave


Thinking about a career in education?  Ziggy's Tutoring is a great place to get great experience!  Our hands-off approach to your development as an educator makes tutoring with us the best option for part-time work.  Not to mention we pay more than almost any other tutoring service.

Give us a call at (619) 252-1522 to discuss.  

You can also email us your resume at ziggystutoring@yahoo,com

What our clients are saying

I am so happy we found Ziggy's Tutoring!  They are so convenient, our tutor comes to our house and is always willing to work with our ever-changing schedule.  My brother's tutor, Passion, works with him so well.  They were saying he was not going to pass to the next grade but she helped him with spelling, math, and reading throughout the Summer.  He not only passed to the next grade, he now enjoys math and looks forward to his sessions.  She keeps in contact with his teachers to make sure she is on track with his curriculum and always keeps us updated on his progress.  I appreciate all the hard work they put into him and I would recommend their tutoring services to anyone who's in need.

Yeshi Tadesse and her brother Daniel

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