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While Ziggy started tutoring students individually by himself in 2009, he has realized he can help more students by expanding his services and teaching others how to help too.  Learning doesn't end when you close the book, turn off the computer, or walk out of class...there is so much more! That's why Ziggy now offers workshops, local adventures, an Economics class in the summer, and even multi-day educational outings for the entire family! We are adding more every year, so stay tuned!


The Foundation of Ziggy's Tutoring

     For thirteen years, Ziggy has not only worked with countless students on Math, Science, Spanish, and more...he has been working on taking his methods and teaching them to more tutors that can reach more students. It's not just knowing what's in a book, it's knowing how to get through to students and applying it to the real world. There is no algorithm for that, so Ziggy's tutors are trained to read and learn from their students...just as much as the other way around! Click HERE to learn more.

Workshops and Field Trips

Discover San Diego!

     There are sooo many places and subjects to explore, no matter where you live!  We have Lake Murray (pictured at right), numerous canyons and beaches, and businesses that give tours so that our youngsters can see their futures.  There are workshops on writing, art, colleges, math, biology, and more!  

     The best thing about our workshops and field trips is that they are created around YOU!  For example, you choose where, when, the subjects of interest, number of students, etc.  We cater to homeschoolers and charters that have a more hands-off approach, but we accept reservations from all walks of the educational spectrum.  For more information, click HERE!

Ziggy's Outdoor Adventures

Educational Vacations

     Take a long weekend, in your own cabin, with a staff catering to your needs.  Oh yeah, it's totally educational too!  We have two destinations right now, Big Bear for the Winter and Idyllwild for the Summer.  These trips are designed around your family's needs.  There are numerous activities to choose from to make your family vacation not just full and enjoyable, but educational as well!  Classes include art, biology, physical fitness, history, music, and culinary arts.

     Just like everything else from Ziggy's Tutoring, these trips are fully customizable.  If you want to add activities not on our list, great!  You have a huge family that will require maybe 2 to 3 cabins, you got it!  If some of you don't want to go skiing, you can go ice-fishing or hiking on the mountain!  As you HERE for more info.

Summer Economics

     This program is kid-tested and parent-approved.  Our economics class is mostly about being an entrepreneur and leader in the economic world they will all soon be in.  It is a 6-week course focusing on three main aspects: theoretical economics, the stock market, and small business ownership.  Your student will learn the basics of micro- and macro-economics on their pace in an interactive setting.  At the same time they are analyzing and playing the stock marker with play money.  Finally, every other weekend they will execute their very own money-making ideas in the actual market that they planned and implemented all by themselves.  Plus there are prizes for those competitive self-starters!  Click HERE for more information.

What our clients are saying

I 100% recommend Ziggy's Tutoring.  Ziggy is patient and understanding, and really connects with my teen.  His teaching methods are clear and he really goes the extra mile to ensure my child understands.

Beth Frumkin and her son Saxon, 8th Grade

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