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While Ziggy started ten years ago tutoring students individually by himself, he has realized he can help more students by expanding his services. Learning doesn't end when you close the book, turn off the computer, or walk out of class...there is so much more! That's why Ziggy now offers workshops, local adventures, art lessons, an Economics class in the summer, and even multi-day educational outings for the entire family! We are adding more every year, so stay tuned!


The Foundation of Ziggy's Tutoring

For ten years, Ziggy has not only worked with countless students on Math, Science, Spanish, and more...he has been working on taking his methods and teaching them to more tutors that can reach more students. It's not just knowing what's in a book, it's knowing how to get through to students and applying it to the real world. There is no algorithm for that, so Ziggy's tutors are trained to read and learn from their students...just as much as the other way around! Click HERE to learn more.


Do you want some extra help for your Spanish Class?

How about helping your kid grow up bilingual?

What about strengthening your position at work by learning the other dominant language here and in this hemisphere!?!

We got you.

Click HERE.


Hopefully, the part that will grow the most! Studies show that students that learn about the arts are better in Math and Science, and are more likely to succeed in higher education and management. We would like to encourage this side of the brain with our art classes. Starting with some amazing painting by Paulina White, we are inspired to branch out and get into more mediums... again, stay tuned!